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Web Design, Marketing, SEO Development & Social Media Integration for Small Businesses & Individuals

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Going mobile

Initial research

Once we have been approached by a client for either a new website or a redesign of their current site, we will:
  • Provide our client with a "Need to Know" packet which will outline:
    • A brief description of the company, in their own words
    • What they like and don't like about their current site
  • Company profile
    • Color scheme
    • Logo
    • Favorite personal sites
  • Provide a list of needed copy, logo and images
  • Research their current site (if applicable) and write up an analysis of what we feel is working on their current site, and what areas need improvement, including:
    • Layout and design
    • Color schemes, font structure
    • SEO shortfalls and successes
  • Research competitor websites (regardless of new or redesign) and write up an analysis of what is working for their sites and which areas our clients site would excel above their competitions
  • Once completed, we will schedule a meeting within 7 days of completing analysis, availability pending
1st meeting
We will sit down with our client and present both analysis We will go over the completed "Need to Know" packet, and determine a plan of action for the site, including: - Direction of website - Key pages - Who is the site directed at (demographics)
After meeting
Once the 1st meeting is over, we will begin work right away on constructing new site. Our process will be as follows: 1.) Develop initial structure of site 2.) Begin development of SEO structure 3.) Develop mockup of home page and sub page and send to client for approval 4.) Once we receive approval of mockups, we will begin filling in remaining pages
Status meeting
Once again, we will meet with the client face-to-face to go over the functionality of their new site. This will also be an opportunity for the client to "touch and feel" the site, make pointers and adjustments, test functionality and give final approval of any additional changes to the site
Social Media Integration
Social media is the leading medium for advertising your business, as well as instant access to your customer base. In keeping that in mind, as well as how powerful an SEO tool social media is, we integrate your business into the major social media markets (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn), including design and activation of your social media accounts. We will develop a plan for each market, and educate you in how to maximize the abilities of social media and the impact it will have on your business
Soft launch
We will upload all files to a "test" site, ensuring that the new website works in all major browsers (IE 9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari), as well as mobile-friendly. Once completed, we will notify our client to review the site, and after 24-72 hours, we will upload the files to the new website, completing the initial launch of the site. We will also setup email accounts for your business and host them (ie.
Performance Guaranteed
Our clients are encouraged to keep our services for a minimum of 6 months to ensure proper performance of the website. In that time, we will do continuous maintenance and monitoring of the site with a minimum of 1 hour per month to ensure this, even if our clients don't have any updates for the site.