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Professional Web Design, Marketing, SEO Development & Social Media Integration

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Web Design, Marketing, SEO Development & Social Media Integration for Small Businesses & Individuals

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We guarantee the best prices for the best service. In the initial design of the website, which includes everything from the Initial research to the launch of the site, our fee is based on an hourly fee. A quote will be provided within 48 hours after the initial meeting.

Domain Registration
If you need to register a domain name (, we can set up the domain for you.
We do a standard 5 year plan at 15$/year, including a one-time $10 administration fee.
Web Hosting
Once a website is registered with a domain name, the websites files need to be uploaded to online servers, also known as a host. For $10/month, we register a 5 year plan, plus a one-time $50 administration fee.

Included in the hosting package includes:
  • Unlimited disk space
  • 500 email addresses
  • $200 in advertising credits
  • Mobile site hosting
  • Wordpress functionality
Site Design
Nova Web Services take a dedicated approach to each website. Just like a chef in a gourmet restaurant, we never present a product that we aren't proud of.
Our hourly rate is $50/hour. We document all of our hours and present them to you for full disclosure.
For an in depth look in to how we design your web site, click here.

Social Media Design
Social Media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and so on, all have been proven to be effective tools for companies all over the world. In designing an account, which we do from the ground up, we integrate the accounts with your website. In designing the accounts, we charge $50/hour. We also offer by site fee, on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for more information.